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227 weeks ago

I can't make the 8pm time, I'll definitely be in by 9 but I can't say for sure exactly what time, it'll be as soon as I can.

Avatar Korra Members replied

223 weeks ago

This thread was moved to the public forum so non-GAF members could see it, but since they can't post I'm not sure how useful it will end up being. I'm posting our more up-to-date info if you're interested. We're also comprised of members of the GAF FC as well as the NA FC, though we were all GAF members at one point.


Tuesday 9pm PST (4am GMT)
Thursday 9pm PST
Sunday 12pm PST

(Schedule determined based on weekly availability - we've run on Saturdays and the Sunday time has moved around pretty much every week, anywhere from 12pm to 6pm)


PLD - Riou Midgard (Static Leader)
WAR - Ultima Drew
WHM - Tirazel Ashtari
SCH - Avatar Korra
BRD - Skoje Paleologos
MNK - Moara Din
BLM - Asami Jinkuen
SMN - V'rius Usbeorn

Retired: Stanley Tofu, Nuadha Tia


MNK - Riou Midgard
DRG - Ultima Drew
PLD - Tirazel Ashtari
BLM - Avatar Korra
SCH - Skoje Paleologos
PLD - Moara Din
MNK - Asami Jinkuen
MNK - V'rius Usbeorn


The Second Coil of Bahamut Turn 1 (T6)
Status: Cleared, on Farm
Strategy: LoS/Burn. We pretty much clear T6 in 1-3 attempts each week. We do the Line of Sight method for dealing with the early phases, and then we burn Rafflesia at the end.

The Second Coil of Bahamut Turn 2 (T7)
Status: Cleared, on Farm
Strategy: 4 Renaud Stack. We have our SMN on kiting duty. We stack 4 Renauds at marker, so we never rotate. We have assigned spots, which makes it unlikely to ever get hit by double fireballs. We sometimes take longer to clear this turn, but we have pretty much always cleared it within the same night we do T6.

The Second Coil of Bahamut Turn 3 (T8)
Status: Cleared, on Farm
Strategy: Party stacks in a spot behind Avatar and MT faces it away at an angle. We stack to make handling ballistic missiles very easy for us. We have assigned people who go into towers, somebody usually calls it out on mumble. Person with allagan field moves behind party, we call out who goes to what towers on-the-fly.

The Second Coil of Bahamut Turn 4 (T9)
Status: Cleared
Strategy: Watch a video.

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Skoje Paleologos Members replied

220 weeks ago

Allrighty, this sucks. I'm having some flight delays here. I will be on tonight, I just can't say what time.

Skoje Paleologos Members replied

220 weeks ago

Well me and Riou are online (finally). Can everyone else come on?

Avatar Korra Members replied

219 weeks ago

So our new tank left the LS last night. If any of you see this, could you contact Riou and ask what's up? Seems like nobody else knew what was going on.

Also, I made a Google Doc which will display our current ARR week's raid schedule and some limited contact info for us to communicate outside of the game. While the schedule will be up-to-date, there are instances like this past Sunday where we think the raid is cancelled due to a member not being around, but they end up showing up after others think we're not raiding and we had no way to contact those people to let them know the raid was still on.

I want to keep it restricted to just us, so in order to give you access I need an e-mail address (not sure if it has to be gmail) to invite you to have access. You can then edit in what contact info you wish. If there's a field you want to add, go ahead, too.

Vrius Members replied

218 weeks ago

I kinda prefer Enjin so I set one up there. If you guys are fine with that then let's do it otherwise let me know and I'll do guildworks.

Manderville Men

Avatar Korra Members replied

218 weeks ago

Thanks V'rius.

Let me know if you can view this doc. Decided since I don't need your e-mails for it, I'll just make it public. It currently has out Tuesday, September 16th raid time on there, but the rest of that week is blank until we convene and discuss our times for that week.

It also has fields to fill out what contact info you want.

Also, for anyone who actually looks at this…

We are looking for an OT. Requirements are you have cleared T6-8 as an OT. That means grabbing slugs for burn phase and grabbing the non-renaud adds in T7. For T8, you will need to have a decently geared DPS since we solo tank it.

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Avatar Korra Members replied

211 weeks ago

The T9 Clear Video which kickstarted the great Pre-patch Weekend T9 Clear-a-Thon!
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