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First, make sure you review our policies and submit the form on the Recruitment page.

If you were previously a member of this Free Company but left to take a break or were removed due to inactivity, you do NOT need to sign up via the Recruitment page. All historical membership information is retained. Just follow the instructions below for submitting an in-game application and once we verify your information, we will add you back to the Free Company.

Submitting a Free Company Join Request
Once you have completed and submitted the recruitment form, please log in to the game and apply to our Free Company. Instructions are below:

1. Target a member of GAF (we can usually be found in the Limsa Lominsa housing area, The Mist, Lot 5), then select View Company Profile from the subcommand menu. Alternatively, you can do an area search using /sea, locate a GAF member in the list, and then right click and select View Company Profile from the subcommand menu.

2. Select Submit Application at the bottom of the Company Profile window.

3. Enter a message to be sent with your application, then press Confirm to submit.

4. We will review your application when available, and if your application has been accepted, you will be able to join the free company.

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