Qhon Tayuun Members replied

225 weeks ago

Removed Mighty Ducks: disbanded.

Removed Manderville Men: filled.

Tomo Takino Members replied

218 weeks ago

I will mirror here what I put in the OT:
My static is looking for a regular caster dps. Most weeks we run on Thursdays and Sundays from 9:00pm-11:30pm eastern. We are a pretty laid back and casual group to be honest, but we got up to T9 before we started losing people to work schedules and we want to start putting in some real time on it to clear it. So if you are interested and have a summoner or blm second coil ready send me a PM or a tell ingame to Tomo Takino.

Avatar Korra Members replied

186 weeks ago

Reviving this since it's time for people to recruit if they are available.

So taking members of our old group and making a new group. We are looking for the following for Heavensward progression:


We plan to raid starting at around 9pm EDT and going for 3 hours 3-4x times a week with longer pushes as we're close to completing a turn. If you are interested please talk to me in-game (Korra). Prefer that you cleared T13 before echo, but willing to hear anyone out that's interested.
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